At the Iron Forge we create works of art, both wearable and displayable, specializing in Star Wars Mandalorian helmets.

Mandalorians, masks, and more…

Welcome to The Iron Forge.  We believe that quality is key and bring that belief to you in every one of our pieces.

We specialize in hand creating wearable helmets and masks for your skill level.

Whether you are looking for something to finish yourself as a kit, something that is already base painted and is ready to wear, or want to create something completely custom, let us help you bring the things of fiction and film to life. 

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Replacement Mandalorian T-Visor

Every helmet should have a high quality visor. Our T-Visors are made of 1/8" smoked grey plexiglass and will fit most Mandalorian helmets regardless of vendor.

Four finishing options to choose from!

  • We are a full service shop, offering you a variety of options based on your skill level.
  • Can you Do it Yourself? Choose our DIY Kit.
  • Still want to paint and put together without the fuss of installing the visor? We will install the visor for you.
  • Select the Primed Black option to wear it right out of the box with your choice of formal wear.
  • Design Your Own brings your exact idea to life.