How To DIY Your Helmet

So you have purchased a new DIY helmet...what's next?

There are so many different methods to transform your helmet from a raw pull to the pristine crowning jewel of your collection or cosplay. These methods can vary greatly depending on your skill level, tools on hand, and the final look you are going for. Here we will discuss a few "best practices" to get you on your way. 

We recommend the following tools depending on your application:

Rotary Tool  Files Sander & Sandpaper Hot Glue Gun


Your purchase will likely include a variation of the following:

  • The raw helmet casting
  • Any accessories
  • Visor
  • Padding
  • Machine Screws/Washers

How to build your helmet:

  1. Trim the material away from the eye areas using a rotary tool, files, and sand paper. (Always wear appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). This may include safety glasses, respirator or dust mask, and gloves.
  2. Using varying levels of sandpaper beginning at a lower grit and progressing to a higher grit, remove any blemishes and/or a seam line. (Certain molds have a parting line which allows the casting to be removed. This process results in a thin line of extra material which can often be easily removed with a knife, rotary tool, or sander.)
  3. Use a resin based body filler to fill any divots or to build up other areas.
  4. Use a mild detergent and water solution to remove any dust and mold release from the entire helmet.
  5. Paint the helmet using any type of paint you choose. Choices include off-the-shelf spray paint both acrylic and enamel, hand applied acrylic paints, professional automotive paints.
  6. Install your visor using the provided hardware. Each of our helmets include a visor at no extra cost. If your helmet vendor did not include one, purchase one here. Then follow these T-Visor Installation Tips.
  7. Attach your ear pieces and any additional parts and pieces.
  8. Glue in the provided helmet padding or another padding alternative using a silicone based adhesive or hot glue. 

Not sure you can DIY?

We offer several additional options for any who are not comfortable with the complete DIY option. We offer:

  • A DIY helmet kit with a pre-installed visor. 
  • Ready-to-Wear helmets painted with either flat black primer or custom painted with up to any three-color paint scheme. (This includes damage and solid colors but excludes complicated logos and designs.)