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Mandalorian Helmet T-Visor. Fits most Mando helmets.

Mandalorian Helmet T-Visor. Fits most Mando helmets.

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We believe that a T-Visor should come standard with any helmet purchase, and they do with every one of ours.

This replacement T-Visor is a 1/8" thick, smoked grey acrylic plexiglass that precisely fits any of our helmets. Additionally, our visors fit a wide range of helmets on the market. Because each specific helmet may be sized slightly differently, our visor may not be an exact fit for your needs and may need to be trimmed or cut.

For more tips on how to install your replacement visor, see our T-Visor Installation "How To" Guide.

Fit and Sizing:

The T-Visor measures 7 1/2" from top to bottom and 7 1/4" from side to side. It is 2 1/8" wide at the base. Please refer to the photos for additional sizing information.

A heat gun can be used to bend this replacement T-Visor if a better fit is needed for your helmet. Be cautious while using a heat gun. Use gloves and a respirator as fumes may be toxic. This process should be done slowly to avoid rapid overheating and warping. When the material is ready to be bent, it will do so easily. Do not force it or the plexiglass will shatter. 

Trimming, Drilling, or Cutting:

If the visor needs to be trimmed, use either a cutting disc on a rotary tool such as a Dremel, or a jigsaw with a fine tooth blade. Use a respirator and eye protection as fumes and dust can be hazardous. If drilling, it is preferred that a rotary tool and bit be used. If you do not have a Dremel tool or something similar, you can use a 1/8" drill bit. However, use very little pressure so as to not torque the plastic.
***The Plexiglass material WILL shatter if too much pressure or torque is applied with a normal drill bit.***

It is best to place a sacrificial stopping block on the back side to help prevent the torque of the drill from shattering the material. 


Our helmets come with threaded posts embedded into the resin to provide secure yet removable anchor points for your visor attachment. If using the visor in one of our helmets, the best way of attachment is to screw in the included 3/8" 4x40 machine screws through the visor and into the threaded nuts which are embedded into your helmet. To drill these areas, use caution. It is advised that you use a high-speed cutting bit for a rotary tool such as outlined above.

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