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The 'Hunter' - Darth Maul Custom Helmet

The 'Hunter' - Darth Maul Custom Helmet

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This helmet is inspired of the design in "The Clone Wars" cartoon of the Darth Maul Mandalorian helmet. It is fully finished and ready to wear. The helmet comes with removable horns and visor. The rangefinder can also be removed and can articulate down. This masterpiece has been hand crafted and hand painted in the USA.

Helmet is sized similar to Boba Fett from the original trilogy. The cheeks are set deep and require a 180 degree maneuver to put on. However once on it is a great fit. The helmet can be used as either a display piece or worn as part of a costume.

This product is in no way affiliated with Disney, Star Wars, or Lucasfilm. It is a fan made item only.

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