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The "Nite Owl" - Primed Black

The "Nite Owl" - Primed Black

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The "Nite Owl" - Black Tie Edition Mandalorian Helmet

The "Nite Owl" Mandalorian helmet is inspired by Bo-Katan, Ursa Wren, Sabine Wren, and other Nite Owl characters in Star Wars: The Clone Wars with several exceptions. Gone are the soft feminine features of the Nightowl, and in their place a harder, more angular design that looks more Mandalorian and a whole lot more lethal. It is approved by the Mandalorian Merc Costuming Club as a modern era helmet. It is sexy, sleek, and stylish and looks great with a costume, on display, or with a suit and tie. 

Primed Black Edition:

The Black Tie Edition of our helmets are the epitome of value, function, and class.  They are intended for those who may not think they have the ability to tackle the full DIY helmet.  They can be worn right out of the box with your finest evening attire or can be painted over to suit your needs.  

Helmet includes these pre-installed features:

- One (1) ear cap and antenna. 
- One (1) visor bent to fit.
- Four (4) 3/8” 4x40 machine screws and washers.
- Five (5) helmet pad squares. 


The "Owl" Mandalorian helmet fits most with an opening of 10 1/2” from front to back and 7 1/2” from side to side.

We prefer this measurement instead of circumference because most times, once you pass your head in to the opening, the helmet will fit without a problem.

Shipping time:

Each of our custom, Ready-to-Wear helmets require 6-8 weeks to complete prior to shipping.

**If you need a helmet within 4 weeks, please select “Priority” from the drop down to ensure we ship your item quicker for a rush fee.**

If you have any additional questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.


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