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The "Variant" - Installed Visor

The "Variant" - Installed Visor

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The "Variant" - Installed Visor Mandalorian Helmet Kit

The "Variant" is a modern-era Mandalorian helmet. It is sleek and stylish and looks great with a costume, on display, or with a suit and tie. 

Installed Visor:

Like the DIY Kit, this helmet is shipped raw out of the mold, however, the area of the visor has been removed, filed down smooth and the dark-tinted visor has been pre-installed.   Final sanding, paint, and padding are still needed. There is still plenty to DIY with this option.

For additional tips, check out our information on How to DIY Your New Helmet.

Helmet Includes:

- Earcap and Antenna. 
- One (1) visor bent to fit.
- Four (4) 3/8” machine screws and washers.
- Five (5) helmet pad squares.


The "Variant" Mandalorian helmet fits most with an opening of 9 1/2” from front to back and 8” from side to side.

We prefer this measurement instead of circumference because most times, once you pass your head into the opening, the helmet will fit without a problem. 

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